021 Should You Be Part of the Association? w/ Zach Opheim

On today's episode, Micheal is joined by Zach Opheim, a Chicago native, who moved to Nashville in 2012 after receiving his double degree in finance and accounting while also playing basketball at Saint Xavier University. That fall, Zach started his career at business management firm Wiles + Taylor & Co., PC. In the spring of 2014, Zach made the transition to road manager for a country tour. Once off the touring circuit, he moved into a consulting role for Warner Brothers/Word Entertainment. Making his music industry journey come full circle, he accepted a role back at Wiles + Taylor & Co., PC in 2015 where he managed the books for more than twenty musicians, writers, and producers. In 2018, Zach ventured into real estate where he strives to help individuals achieve their goals of home ownership, investing, and getting the most for their home in selling. His passion for helping people keeps him motivated, focused, and ready to tackle any real estate task. 

Topics covered:
The 10,000 hour concept
Getting into business VS succeeding
The importance of thought leadership
The continuing growth of technology should bring us all together
Finding your focus to become a true expert
Navigating the flows of real estate
So much more

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021 Should You Be Part of the Association? w/ Zach Opheim
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