022 Creating a Concierge Service w/ Steve Luther

On today's episode, Micheal is joined by Steve Luther. Over several years of sharing his concerns as well as insightful solutions, he partnered with former Music Industry executive Van Hohe and Real Estate Professional Ashley Collins (who ultimately became his wife). Together they created a real estate business that went above and beyond industry norms in providing a white-glove, red-carpet experience coupled with over-the-top staging through their strategic alliance with Vandalyzed Home | Stagerz. Eventually, CHORD Real Estate, LLC was birthed and now provides an unmatched level of service (no matter the price-point) to buyers and sellers in the Middle Tennessee region primarily focused on Premier, Sports, Entertainment, and International clientele; general real estate services are of course provided as well given the vast experience of the team at CHORD Nashville.

Topics covered:
Steve’s beginning in I.T. and early online marketing
Why Standard Operating Procedures are so important
Focusing on who you need to be to succeed in your business, and if that is truly who you want to be
The connective tissue between having the technical knowledge and having the relationships
Knowing your worth when entering the real estate field
Connecting yourself with a great community
And so much more!

A huge thank you to Steve Luther for being part of the podcast. Go follow him on Instagram @scluther and @chordrealestate and let them know how much you enjoyed their story. 

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022 Creating a Concierge Service w/ Steve Luther
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