024 The Visibility of Development w/ Joséphine Saffert

On today's episode, Micheal is joined by Joséphine Saffert, who is a German native and came to the Nashville, TN area as a D1-Track athlete recruit in 2011. Joséphine sponsored her Green Card as a real estate developer. As part of making her American Dream a reality, she built Sapphire Development Group, a vertically integrated real estate development and investment firm. Her team delivers As part of a one-stop-shop experience from offering off-market deals, and developing ground-up multi-family to helping others build and sell real estate portfolios. 

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Topics covered:
Sapphire Development Group’s transition from residential to commercial development
How Josephine’s financial background played into her development success
Why development education is so hard to find
Building a business to reach its full potential
The visibility of developers
How understanding urban development can help your real estate career
And so much more!

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024 The Visibility of Development w/ Joséphine Saffert
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